With The Affordable Care Act fast approaching, BCBS needed to create stronger brand affinity. Through research, our team discovered a key insight: BCBS did a lot for the health of all Minnesotans, not just its members. But the health care leader wasn’t taking any credit for it. The strategy? Transform the brand from a health insurance company to something more meaningful: A health company. “For the health of all” was born. (Creative Director | Co-writer)

Once the new brand position was established, the campaign evolved to activate and inspire Minnesotans to live healthier lives.

As we declared in our rebranding launch, “Obesity, you’re next,” BCBS’ subsequent effort for the health of all was to take on the epidemic.

The TV spots helped fuel the cultural conversation on obesity with appearances on NBC’s Today Show as well as NPR, CNN, USA Today, The Washington Post, The Atlantic and The Huffington Post.

We created a children’s book to teach the little ones the importance of healthy eating.

To promote the book, we developed a fun game app that playfully challenged children to match the fruit or veggie with the correct plate.

A brand that believes in the health of all Minnesotans wouldn’t create your typical, cliché Medicare TV spots.